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Tao te Ching

55 One who preserves Te (virtue) in fullness, Is to be compared to an innocent infant. Hence, no poisonous insects will sting him. No wild beasts will attack him. No birds of prey will pounce upon him. In governing one’s life, learn from an infant as such: Its bones are soft, its tendons are tender, yet its grip is firm. No knowing the unity of male and female, Yet the infant’s sexual organ is aroused. This is because its life essence is pure and complete. Crying all day, yet the infant’s voice does not turn hoarse. Such is the perfect harmony. To know harmony is called “Everlasting.” To know everlasting is called “Enlightenment.” To overprotect one’s life is called “Ill omen.” To let one’s mind follow the emotional impulse is called “Compulsion.” When things reach their prime they start to age and decline. This is the life that is diminishing, which shall not reach the ultimate essenc

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