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Tao te Ching

39 In the beginning, there were those who attained the Oneness; Heaven, by attaining the Oneness became clear; Earth, by attaining the Oneness became peaceful; Spirit, by attaining the Oneness became divine; True nature is like an empty valley, and by attaining the Oneness, It became fully productive. All things, by attaining the Oneness became alive. Emperors and nobilities, by attaining Oneness can bring peace and prosperity to the world. All these are the results of achieving Oneness. Heaven, without clarity would crack. Earth, without peace would quake. Spirit, without divinity would be powerless. True nature, without productivity would result in exhaustion of life. All things, without life essence would perish. Emperors, without Oneness to exalt them to nobility, would stumble and fall. Thus, honor is based on humbleness. The high builds its foundation upon the low. Therefore, the kings and nobles call themselves “the solitude,” “the unworthy,” and “the virtueless.” Is this not the reason why they base their honor upon humbleness? Hence, the highly honored do not regard themselves as nobles and have no wish to be self- centered to think nobly of themselves as a piece of jade nor to think lowly of others as a lump of stone.

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