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Tao te Ching

61 A great nation rules by placing itself in a lowly position like the rivers that flow into the low regions of ocean. Hence, people will naturally be faithful to their country. Mother nature always stays calm and quiet to overcome the unrest. It takes the lowly position to be in peace. Thus, if a great nation can lower itself to deal with a smaller nation, Then it shall win the heart of the people. And the smaller nation will willingly merge with the great nation. And if the smaller nation can lower itself to deal with the great nation, Then it shall win the trust and be accommodated as a part of the great nation. Therefore, be it to take a lowly position to win over or to take a lowly position to be accommodated; The great nation only wishes to unite and shelter all the people, While the small nation only wishes to be a part of the nation to serve it. Now that both are granted with what they wish for, It is only natural for the “Great” to put itself in a lowly position.

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