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Tarot card decks

There are literally hundreds of types of Tarot card decks. Those who learn how to use Tarot for divinitation have usually tried and tested various types of decks. Here we show our favorite types. If you are a registered user you can save your favorite deck to your profile. From then on it will be used every time you are logged in.

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Tarot de Marseille


The fool

The Fool is represented by the god of spring, Dionysus. The color green mirrors the powerful creative force of spring. The long umbilical cord - the actual link to the cosmic unity - surrounds the fool in four spirals. The possibility of rebirth is given on all four levels of the human being: spiritual, mental, intellectual, emotional, and physical. The key is readiness to change in every area and the necessity of self-realization. The tiger is a symbol of fear (see Princess of Wands). Dionysus is repeatedly bitten by this tiger of fear. However, he continues to look forward, thereby releasing the power over him. The tiger cannot really harm him. It is the unshakable trust in a existence that lives with fear without succumbing to it.
The Magus

Crowley's authorized Magus, who we will call the transcendent Magus, is represented by the Greek god, mercury, the winged messenger of the gods (yellow wings at his heels). Mercury is a symbol of spreading, radiating energy. He is a genius at using the means at his disposal. In the picture on the card, the Magus playfully juggles the tools of communication. The amusing ease with which he handles his abilities is an sign of the positive use of his skills. The monkey represents the companion of the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth. HE reveals that truth can never be absolute. Without the constant references to the spiritual powers of the universe, he is unable to fulfill his tasks. Thus, the Magus is subservient to a higher power. If he is able to recognize and accept his true role, he illuminates the darkness of uncertainty and misunderstanding.
The Priestess

The High Priestess is represented by Isis, goddess of the moon. She is surrounded by a fine network composed of beams of light, a symbol of her spiritual manifestation. Her character is complete and perfect independence. She is in contact with her intuitive capabilities and is able to rely on them absolutely. The perception and ability to listen to one's own inner voice, the inner guide and healer is apparent in responsibility for self and self-confidence. "The Priestess" Tarot card may be an indication of extrasensory perception and intuitive talents such as clairvoyance, telepathy, creative visualization, empathy, intuitive knowledge, and healing powers.
The Empress

The Empress embodies and controls femininity in all its manifestations, her form and surroundings are an expression of perfection and beauty. Her presence is calming and exudes harmony. However, her beauty is not just limited to her outward appearance. The complete development on all levels of her femininity give her a special radiance. She appears both as a lover and a mother, as a ruler and a wise one. Her strength is found in synergy of the highest ideals and spiritual values with an earthly, sensory expression of her femininity, love, and joy of life. The major characteristics of her dominion are giving and receiving love. The Maltese cross emphasizes the importance of the union of spiritual and material qualities. The open archway in the background can be interpreted as heaven's gate. The most beautiful apparition is only and indication of something much larger, more beautiful that lies hidden within.
The Emperor

The Emperor is depicted as a crowned man with majestic raiment. His throne, shining in the fiery colors of Mars and the sun. It reveals the other side of the wild ram: true leadership qualities include humble subordination to the laws of the universe. This presupposes deep understanding and constant reflection on the will of the whole. A ruler of this nature is filled by ardent compassion to such as extent that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of all. The double eagle symbolizes inner and outer transformation trough the creative potential of the Emperor that points to the beginning of an new undertaking or a new phase of life. This new beginning will expand to new territories, conquer new areas. As long as the Emperor uses his rule to serve transformation and new beginnings, his power is kindly. But, be on the lookout if it is used to fortify what already exists.
The Hierophant

Bull, lion, man, and eagle represent the four elements and the different levels of human existence. The bull, a symbol of the earth (astrological sign: Taurus), stands for matter and corporeality. The lion strength of will, and dynamic force. The man symbolizes air (astrological sign: Aquarius), the levels of thought and words. The eagle represents the greatest transformation of the scorpion and belongs to the element of water (astrological sign: Scorpio), and the realms of emotion and passion. The Hierophant has united all these elements and levels within himself and developed them to their fullest potential. Only a truly spiritual master can help us to experience the divine. In this sense, the Hierophant is actually the divine made flesh (in the form of the bull) or the final realization of human potential that merges with the divine.
The Lovers

This card shows the marriage of the Empress and Emperor. The ceremony is conducted by the Hermit, a form of the god Mercury. He is completely hidden by his garments. This is an indication that the original source of all things is beyond what is seen and comprehended. The Lovers are an expression of opposites that yearn for and are attracted to each other. The duality reflected in every aspect of existence is experienced existentially in the love relationship between man and woman. Every attempt at reconciliation, union, or contact is an expression of the passionate urge to restore lost unity. Those things that make another person irresistible are aspects of ourselves with which we want to become one. They force themselves into our conscious mind, demanding to developed.
The Chariot

This card is a general indication of a journey or a new phase of life (relationship, residence, job). No decisions should be made in haste. Everything must be carefully tested and prepared. But once all the consequences have been considered thoroughly, the departure should not be delayed unnecessarily. Everything points to a pleasant development. With every new beginning, we leave the boring routine of everyday life behind us. Spiritual inspiration and ideas multiply and expand our field of activity (concentric blue circles in the back-ground). We are now in a position to take on and accomplish several activities at once. The diversity of the tasks is exciting and enriching. Despite great activity, we remain true to our highest ideals. The road on which the chariot stands is paved with gold.

A young woman (the female counterpart to the "Fool") holds the great Magical Sword between her legs and balances on her toes. By looking more closely at the card, you can see that everything rests on the tip of sword. Only with the utmost concentration and the cessation of all movement it is possible to create this state of equilibrium for all things. Even the slightest disruptive thought would cause everything to shake and would disturb the balance of the universe. Her face is masked. Her vigilance is focused inwards. In this way, she is receptive to the ideas and directives of the inner laws. This card depicts a challenge to integrate all extremes in one's everyday life. This can elicit both emotional stress in relationships, areas of work and creativity, as well as in money matters. Complete equilibrium and inner stability are required to allow existing excellent ideas to fall on fertile ground.
The Hermit

The Hermit has undertaken a search for inward fulfillment and found his guiding light. He is so fulfilled by the riches of his inner world that the outer world seems colorless and unimportant. He, who is sure of himself, has arrived. There is no reason to chase after the deceptive appearance of what is outward and transient. But the journey inward is difficult and arduous. Those who start the journey need courage and self-confidence. Before the long-desired light is reached, the soul is guided through the seemingly endless region of one's own shadow. This is shown on the card in the form of the serpent wand and Cerberus, the three headed dog guiding the way to Hades. The changing light of inward clarity gradually fulfils every level of his being. The stalks ripen: the harvest of his submission to him-self is revealed. It can be gathered and shared with others. Those who have found their own sense of reality are able to share the experience of change with other son the quest. The Hermit card is a challenge to reflect on your own inner wisdom and to follow those able to provide support on a common path.

The Wheel of Fortune turns in the midst of a maelstrom of energy and lightning. It is the symbol of totality, constant motion, and yet unchanged in its entirety. It is also the symbol of consciousness, recognition, enlightenment. It is the absolute centre - the eye of the cyclone that remains calm and unchanging despite the movement along the edges. It represents the innermost core, the witness who remain untouched by the constant up and down of duality, of happiness and misfortune. Yet we still gaze upon the edge of the wheel and are happy about the crystal-clear breakthrough, the good luck that the current moment promises.
Lust, Strength

The traditional name of this cars is strength. "Lust" means more than vital strength. It comprises passion as well as joy and the pleasure of experience power. This card represents divine intoxication and cosmic ecstasy. The woman is completely enraptured; the lion also burns with lust. His seven heads show the head of an angel, a saint, a poet, an adulteress, an audacious man, a satyr, and a lion-serpent. These symbolize the different aspects and outlooks that are integrated and combined to holistic truth in an orgiastic, creative order. The inner animal is not tamed and integrated through strife or suppression, but with acceptance and submission. The power gained overcomes old fears and restricting conditioning represented by the folded hands and the figures of the saints in the background. This is the secret of Tantra, the awareness that the unions takes advantage of every moment and accepts every aspect of life without rejecting anything.
The Hanged Man

The Hanged man is nailed upside down. A position that completely breaks with every type of self-will. It is a no-win situation. There is no room for action or manoeuvring. There is no escape. The serpents of the transformation and wisdom are coiled and sleeping. The Hanged Man is nailed to the wood of his rigid attitude and outlook. His eyes are closed meaning he is blind to everything that deviates in any way from the closed system of his own ideas. Any thought of a different kind, every new impulse is ignored or resisted. The Hanged Man's head is shaved. The hair, symbolizing antennas of spiritual perception, has been removed; the Hanged Man has lost his faith in his own intuition. Every effort appears hopeless and doomed to failure. Ye in this hopelessness miracles do happen! This type of capitulation, the abandonment of unyielding self-will and inflexible ideologies goes hand in hand with far-reaching change: the breakdown of rigid patterns of behavior, the clearance of rubbish; complete submission to higher self, freed from narrow mindedness and dogmatic, know-all attitudes.

The "Death" card does not generally signify physical death. Instead, it is usually an indication of radical, outer changes (the "Tower" card is for inner transformation). Old relationships urgently require dissolution. This process may be painful. Yet the drawing of this card indicates willingness. Letting go is half the battle and part of the victory. Death shows its different faces: destruction and loss on the other. Which one is generally experienced depends on the attitude of the individual. Wanting to hang on and cling to old relationships make death that much more torturous. The skeleton wears a type of crown - the head covering worn for the Egyptian ritual of the dead. This is an indication of the necessity to bury old ideas and concepts. Cords and ropes have to be served, and bound souls must be freed of their entanglement. The eagle spreads its wings and soars into the sky.

The alchemistic union of fire and water pictured above the head of the figure on the "Fool" Tarot card has now advanced to the centre of the picture. The entire card is characterized by symbols of integration, the union of opposites. The connection between fire and water, light and dark, male and female, death and rebirth is an inner process. The melding of opposites is the first step towards all-encompassing unity. Opposing forces are transformed into a new type of being. The marriage of the Emperor and Empress aspired to on "The Lovers" card is consummated here: the high art of transformation. The union of opposites is the procreative process to start something new. The large sun and the moon across it give birth to the stars in the background.
The Devil

To understand this card, you must free yourself of all traditional, moral and superstitious ideas. The Devil is represented by the god Pan in the form of a white mountain goat with powerful, curving horns. The column behind it symbolizes the erect male penis, two balls are the testicles. It depicts creative energy in its most material and masculine manifestation. The merging of earthly and cosmic insight inspires man and renders him able to creatively shape the new. An open third eye can be seen on Pan's forehead. Indicating his powers of enhanced, extrasensory perception. He is a seer who not only perceives what is visible on the surface, but has the power to penetrate deeply into the nature of things.
The Tower

The power of the consuming, cleansing fire destroys the old and sweeps it away. Nothing is spared. The tower of ego is shaken to its very foundation. Everything we try to hold on to is destroyed by these transforming powers. The supposed security of the past is irrecoverably shaken. What remains is the trust that Job exhibited when confronted with one terrible piece of news after another. This is the knowledge that everything that happens in life stems from the never-ending love of life and includes opportunities for learning and discovery. This knowledge of the true nature of events allows us to recognize the valuable gifts we receive trough loss and painful disappointment. If we are willing to accept them, times of inner misery and anxiety can be some of the most productive periods of our lives. At the same time, the "Tower" is one of the most important healing cards. Just as our entire organism is relieved by the removal of the decayed tooth, the destruction of relationships and life situations in a rut which hinder growth is the start of a possible healing process. Pulling teeth may be painful process. Yet it is often the only way of detoxifying the whole.
The Star

The "Star" card shows the process of receiving the highest cosmic inspirations and the appearance of impulses that spawn ideas that the material level. It is classified under the sign of Aquarius. The water-bearer is the medium for crystallization, symbolizing a person who is open to enlightenment of the spirit. By giving inspiration to others, he serves a higher cause. He is also a channel used by divine powers to manifest itself on earth. What in the past has been nothing more than a vague impression, now takes shape, crystallizing into a mission, as a result of crystal clear vision. The individual now comprehends the unlimited possibilities of self-development. The force of inspiration spurs him on and, in a wonderful way, lets what seemed impossible to achieve become reality. Whoever follow this knowledge exhibits the existential quality, the aura inherent in itself, that magnetically attracts others. The receptive antenna require careful and meticulous care. If messages are mixed with selfish tendencies, these incredible forces may have disastrous consequences. Enthusiasm then changes to fanaticism and inspiration to fantasy.
The Moon

"The Moon" is represented as the moon on the wane. It symbolizes the process of delving further and deeper into the murky depths of the soul. This is a period of final and often extremely difficult trials. In darkness lurks the great danger that one may lose sight of the actual goal. Illusionary perception and enticing seductions lie in wait and attempt to lead astray the person striving to progress. However, new life is created by penetrating this passageway. The road to awareness leads us to confront all that is subconscious, unknown, and threatening. Unless one has ventured existentially into these realms, one does not belong to the initiated. It is only possible to become familiar with them trough personal direct experience; the veil of illusion disintegrates under the knowledge of light and discloses valuable insight into the mysteries which have been hitherto hidden. The initiation rites of primitive peoples provide us with an analogy of this process. Initiation as the "entry" to adulthood is often a very hard test preceded by a long period of preparation.
The Sun

The sun shines at the centre of the twelve zodiac signs and bathes them with its light. The rose of knowledge blossoms from its innermost core. Its light is the essence of clarity and ultimate awareness. Two children with butterfly wings are dancing on the green mountain of creativity, expression of the librated partnership between man and woman. The wings of creativity, the unifying experience in dedication to the light will raise them up. They are absorbed by the all-transforming light; every moment is replete with the experience and enjoyment of total fulfillment. They are not striving for a distant goal. Everything is here and it is good. A profound alchemistic process of transformation takes place in experiencing the throes of ecstatic sensation. As the individual was a reflector of light on the "Moon" tarot card, he has now become the source of light itself. Just as the warmth of the sun produces a chemical reaction in the ripening process of fruit, so does something new and altered mature in the nature of man.
The Aeon, Judgment day

The central portion of the card is embraced by the figure of the goddess Nut. At night her body spreads across the heavens to provide a background for the stars and is swallowed at daybreak by the sun. Her companion is Hadit, represented by a fireball with wings. He represents the Omniscient. Horus, the double deity, is the child resulting from their union. The Eye of Horus is in the position to see things in their entirety. It recognizes what has arisen from the harmonious union. The "Aeon" card indicates the necessity of a balanced understanding of situation. It may entail a long and difficult process to reach this judgment. Comprehensive "insight" cannot be achieved by analytical understanding alone. Body, mind, and soul (see figures at the bottom of the card) have a right to be considered. If they are included in a the judgment process, one will instinctively gravitate toward what is healthy and retreat from what is inexpedient.
The Universe

The card "The Universe" is the last in the major Arcana. It closes the circle which started with "The Fool". The great work has reached it completion and returns of the innocence and blindness of the Fool. The drop disappears in the ocean, which in turn pours into the drop. Completion is simultaneously reborn at a higher level of existence. The final goal has been reached: the return to the source of cosmic unity. Now one sees oneself and the world as they truly are (the Eye of Horus top right). All disguises and masks have become superfluous and useless. Connected to original naturalness, one allows oneself to be pulled along in the turbulent dance of the continuing motion of the universe. The limitations of the insignificant self vanish in the orgasmic union with the universe. Even the immense snake of the transformation has lost its function. Its seductive powers which make necessary learning experiences and test possible and new quality of metamorphic energy. She has survived; there is nothing that could destroy her poisonous bite.
1 Cups
Ace of Cups

The wile lotus is the symbol for bestowing love. It forms the basis of the cup which bears the color of the water element. A shining beam of energy flows horizontally through the cup's centre uniting the earth and the cosmos. The cup is the medium that serves for the agreement of Above and Below, Internal and External. The Ace of Cups is the feminine counterpart to the Ace of Wands: open, receiving, devoted, carrying with it the transforming force of love bestowed.
Two of Cups

When a person loves himself, he is attractive to others. A willingness of self acceptance show the ability to devote oneself completely to a partner. A profound emotional interchange becomes possible, give and take of overflowing love. Union occurs in perfect harmony as the two entwined fish imply. Two lotus blossoms arise from the mire, and bloom. The cups are full and running over, an expression of abundant emotional richness. A picture of perfect happiness and serene ecstasy. The lake is calm, and the sky is clear and blue.
Three of Cups

The three cups are covered with pomegranates. This rare and delicious fruit personifies an extraordinary love. The cups are carried by golden lotus blossoms and are filled to the point of overflowing happiness. When we are incorporated into the cycle of loving giving and receiving, we live in the abundance of life at all levels. Above all, we enjoy the most essential and beautiful thing of all: the inexhaustible wealth of affectionate and profound encounters with people to whom we can reveal ourselves without fear. Such relationships are open, in the truest sense of the word. We do not feel the need to possess each other.
Four of Cups

The pink lotus depicts the love that we have received from others. This constitutes part of our emotional wealth that fulfils us and find expression in the luxury and beauty surrounding us. The ability to accept all this and pass it on with gratitude and devotion is a sign of one's own inner abundance that is shared with others. The golden cups are an expression of the existing wealth of emotion, the roots of which originate in the depths of one's unconsciousness. This luxury is a gift as well as an obligation. It demand moderate and conscientious handling as well as the ability to pass it on and share it in the appropriate measure.
Five of Cups

The golden cups have turned to glass; they are empty and fragile. Expectations were much to high. An unexpected occurrence, perhaps it was only a thoughtless reaction, abruptly annihilated them. The aggressive, destructive energy that now holds the stage has probably been waiting in the wings for quite some time. It was overlooked. You did not want to see it. Serious self-delusion always lies behind every disappointment. The small, warning voice inside was silent for too long; now you are confronted with the sobering facts. However, every disappointment brings with it the valuable opportunity for growth.
Six of Cups

Fear of disappointment (Five of Cups) has been overcome. Body and senses have been cleansed and are ready for a happy meeting with a loved one. The lotus blossom unfold and radiate their brilliant yellow-orange color of revitalized life. The cups are of copper, the metal of internal healing. At closer inspection, one can see there is a snake in each cup. This can be understood as a sign of the transforming powers of naturally experienced sexuality. Overflowing emotions burst from the lotus into the cups, the bases of which are made of exotic, rare fruits. This card is an invitation to devote yourself to the richness of your own emotional frame of mind.
Seven of Cups

What was the source of joie de vivre has now lost it shine. The flowers are dropping and have developed a stale smell. Emotions are at sixes and sevens once again and indicate that a profound disappointment has not yet been overcome. You tried to cover up old wounds; but the diversions have not worked. After every attempt at flight, after every high, the ugly face of the old problem is even more obvious than before and situations grows darker and darker. Energy is lost due to mood swings and/or situations that do not or no longer correspond to our nature. Addictions are so widespread and manifold that we often become quiet used to them without even noticing and consider them a normal part of our life.
Eight of Cups

The water of emotions stagnates; it begins to decompose and the reek of decay rises to the heavens and clouds the light of clarity. The two remaining lotus blossoms still pour out their energy, but now, their efforts are in vain. The stagnant, rotten waters immediately swallow up any little freshness and vitality, which drown in the heavy, sluggish bog. You have already wasted too much of your energy on people who give nothing back to you. You filled them with your energy but they were like bottomless pits. You feel empty and sucked dry.
Nine of Cups

The cups are filled and running over, a representation of manifold exchange. The influence from Jupiter in the sign of Pisces denotes more than just plain sympathy; it represents the great blessing which grows from the perfection of happiness. The quality of this happiness testifies to a special depth, which is not the result of a superficial pleasure. Rather it characterizes the natural feature of a peaceful bliss which draws its strength from the depths of the soul.
Ten of Cups

Everything is in its proper place, perfectly and harmoniously arranged. The picture illustrates deep, inner fulfillment. The oversized lotus blossom as the crown of the tree shows wealth of love received which overflows and is passed on to all parties involved. Each and every person who is perceptive to love participates in the rich flow of love. A fulfilled person is always surrounded by the quality of this radiance. You recognize him by the fruits he bears.
11 Cups
Prince of Cups

Air in combination with water means intense passion, a characteristic of the astrological sign of Scorpio. That is why this Prince's carriage, which resembles a shell, is being pulled by a Scorpion eagle, a fact which can already be judged as a indication of a future transformation. The carriage drives closely over the waters of emotion but does not get pulled under by them. Whishes and desires must be perceived and recognized. They are fundamental driving forces of our life energy, to use and control them demands the highest degree of watchfulness and infinite care.
12 Cups
Princess of Cups

The Princess of Cups is represented as a dancing figure. She is emotionally free. A swan rises up over her head and shows her independence and freedom she has won she has shed the chains of possessive manipulation. Freed from jealousy, she now radiates grace, gentleness, and clarity (crystals on her garment). The outstretched arm shows the distance she has achieved for herself which enables her to develop her love in its purest form.
13 Cups
Knight of Cups

The water sign of cancer (the crab) may indicate family relationships. However, the term, family must be understood more liberally: it includes each relationship personally chosen, in particular those with whom one has spiritual affinity (spiritual communities). The spirit's light blue wings raise the emotional relationships to a higher level of mutual understanding. The green suit of armour shows that the Knight possesses great creativity when it comes to expressing his profound feelings. Each present that he gives is an expression of his aspiration to more perfect forms of emotional exchange.
14 Cups
Queen of Cups

Her nature cannot be understood analytically, it must be felt and sensed. She is shrouded in mystery. Whoever wishes to understand this must go deeply into the realm of her sensations and perceptions. The quiet lake over which she is enthroned almost perfectly reflects her image. What she outwardly radiates is reflected in the deeply emotional areas of her nature. She is in contact with her emotions and shows them openly and truly. Some of those around her may have difficulty understanding her, but that is not her problem. She will never compromise; it would cause her to betray her principles and she would then lose the beauty of her magic. In fact, this card can be seen in connection with motherhood (see "Princess of Disks" and "The Empress"). The lotus in the Queen's hand is also the lotus of Isis, the Great Mother.
Ace of Disks

Body and spirit, at odds with each other for much too long, come together in harmonious union. Now the body can be treated as the glorious temple of the spirit. The more centred and firmly founded we are in our bodies, the more easier thi8ngs unfold before us. The deeper our roots grown into earth, the higher our spirits will soar. You do not need to be poor on the outside to achieve inner wealth. If you are rich in the outside, you need not stop being rich on the inside.
Two of Disks

The snake encircles two disks which carry the Chinese sign of Yin-Yang, the symbols of harmony and balance. They both turn in opposites directions which is a sign of inner and outer change. Necessary changes always point to the fact that old ways have lost their inner balance. Changes shake and wake us up. The crown on the snake's head is a symbol of awakening. The color purple (color of the warrior) illustrates how the change creates new strength. The only constant is inconstancy. The only security is insecurity.
Three of Disks

The "Work" card indicates complete involvement - in a matter to which one feels an inner obligation. One is gladly prepared to assume strenuous activity. An individual's complete input is required. The forces of the various levels come together for a common goal. This produces clarity (crystal); the heavens begin to lighten. Time and again darkness way obstruct the view. However, an unshakeable "Yes" on the job at hand gives the strength that also eliminates any temporary doubt. Gradual progress is thus guaranteed.
Four of Disks

Everything is in its place. There is not a single superficial adornment on the walls. The positive aspect of this subservience to the prescribed order can be seen in the compact unity of the system, which presents itself to the outside with visible borders and solid inner specifications. A person with these characteristics has character and personality, dependable. He remains firmly true to his principles and acts with absolute integrity. He belongs to the few who live in accordance with their ideals. Cold and rigid politeness gives way to genuine warmth and friendship.
Five of Disks

The situation has got into a rut and is weighed down with tension. It seems impossible to rectify the situation through communication. Everything seems even bleaker and more hopeless than before. Relationships are in danger of breaking down. It all slips out of your hands and you seem to be doomed to sit there helplessly and watch things fall apart.
Six of Disks

The desire for external expression arises from a profound subconscious level existence (moon). The cross with the lotus blossom symbolizes the process of transformation. Represented by the cross in the background, the inner state develops and can be seen from the outside. The six ancient planets circle the inner process in harmony and promise happiness and success.
Seven of Disks

The individual sees himself confronted with apparently insurmountable hurdles and does not believe he can clear these at the first attempt. Evil premonitions take on threatening proportions (the seven leaden disks of Saturn); one is tempted to retreat and to restrict actions to within the confined, but familiar surroundings. The blue-black background, however, indicates that anxieties and fears belo0ng to the emotional level and do not necessarily correspond to material reality. Nevertheless, there is a significant connection between the two. Negative expectations and charged emotions are powerful forces, which can actually elicit the feared reactions if they have been harboured long enough consciously or unconsciously. (The same naturally applies to positive thoughts and emotions.) This card is a reference to existing fears - conscious or unconscious - and is to be taken seriously.
Eight of Disks

Capabilities and potential which have long been kept hidden now become visible on all four levels of existence. The figure eight stand for harmony, adjustment and balance (see VIII. Adjustment). The harmonious development of our being produces a profound spiritual equilibrium as a consequence. This in turn has an effect on material matters and personal relationship. All extremes and excesses should be avoided particularly during a period of opulent growth. This is still and quiet process is a gift which we should handle with loving care. Each blossom on the tree is surrounded by a large leaf, an expression of protection and prudence.
Nine of Disks

The central, binding force is love, the color of which shines through the other two. The greatest task in life is to achieve self-realization. This happens by achieving the task that each must fulfill during his lifetime. To retreat out of fear or laziness is to deny oneself. Gain comes from a loving and willing ability to give. Here cosmic power of wealth attains fulfillment; the more I give, the more I shall receive.
Ten of Disks

Each manifestation of wealth originates from human consciousness. If this infinite inner treasure is borne outwards into the world, it is reflected in material things. The coins are arranged to from the Tree of Life. This indicates that genuine wealth is expressed in all realms of life. Mercury in Virgo stand for abundance in spiritual, aesthetical and physical avaricious attempt to retain it arises from a conscious or subconscious fear of inadequacy and express the bitter realization of incapacity. Even the greatest treasures lose their worth if they are not utilized to serve love.
11 Disks
Prince of Disks

The "Prince of Disks" represents the proves of blooming and pollination which is indicated by the myriad flowers in the background. He is astride a very strong chariot pulled by a powerful bull. The symbol of the bull is also on the Prince's helmet. The fruit depict the richness of the harvest which will follow fertilization. In his left hand he holds a sphere with mathematical symbols; it looks like a globe. This refers to the manifestations (fruits) which never cease renewing themselves on micro- and macrocosmic levels. The scepter in his right hand symbolizes global awareness which manifests itself in each and every earthly phenomenon. With an unerring will, the bull pulls the chariot forward. Nothing can stop him, nothing can break his will of steel to reach his goal.
12 Disks
Princess of Disks

The swollen abdomen of the "Princess of Disks" is evidence of her pregnant state. This is the third card of the motherhood in the Tarot (see "The Empress" and "Queen of Cups"). In a figurative sense, the Princess of Disks is also the mother of a new identity, idea or a new concept. In her left hand she holds a disk, the centre of which displays the Chinese sign of perfect balance (Yin-Yang). The Rose of Isis, the Great Mother of Fertility, blossom from this balance. The harmonious blending of the male and female characteristics within us produces the renewal and well-balanced development of all areas of life. Once the necessary period for close bonding has passed, the hair can flow freely without restraint. The birth of the new has brought light down to earth. Cosmic idea impulses become visible to humans and permeate everything with their divine quality.
13 Disks
Knight of Disks

The Knight of Disks personifies the mastery of health and material abundance. His ability of diagnosis applies to the human body as well as money, assets and capital. In health matters, he will utilize his capabilities as a doctor and healer in a helpful manner. In money matters, his advice deserves consideration. The card shows the time of harvest. All effort is worth the trouble if it is done in order to reveal opportunities for growth. The Knight's shield is surrounded by concentric circles of radiant yellow sunlight, which transforms the mountain in the background to a green mountain of creativity.
14 Disks
Queen of Disks

The "Queen of Disks" has completed her arduous journey through the desert (background) and has arrived in a green and fertile land. She reposes ion a very large pineapple enjoying the refreshing countryside, and has time to look back over the long, difficult path. The crystal wand and the curved horns on her head signify the clarity of her enhanced perception. Her robe of snakeskin and the orb in her harms symbolize the Earth's revival and are sign of fertility. The billy goat in front of her represents the power of conception, virility, the origin of new life. This figure can also represent the characteristics of Capricorn; tough, tenacious, independent.
1 Swords
Ace of Swords

The blade of the green sword bears the Greek word for conscious choice. It is the symbol for creative force that arises from spiritual clarity. This force is sure to prevail (crown). Darkness and clouds - ignorance and doubt - fade. The heavens open up and the crystals in the background make it obvious that spiritual clarity is in the process of materializing. Everything that comes to pass through clarity will visibly bear this quality and pass it on.
Two of Swords

The two of swords - symbol of peace - cross within the white-blue rose blossom. Readiness for love and knowledge instead of conflict. Profound spiritual peace (yellow) joins the force of reformation (green). It denotes a state of being which enables one to clarify situations and make intuitive decisions. Inspirations and ideas born at this time are remarkable. You should remember them as a guideline for times when clarity and organization are lacking.
Three of Swords

The central sword of clarity is confined by tow smaller swords which are bent and therefore out of harmony. The rose is damaged and is losing its petals. Clarity has disappeared. Dark clouds (doubt, anxieties, worries) limit the expanse of spirit. Saturn, the strict teacher, elucidates all impurities and rules out all excuses. The lesson to be learned here is nothing less than that of mastering negative thought. Brooding and skeptical expectations must clearly be recognized as forces which separate us from our own originality. This card may also refer to three-way relationships that are changed with tension.
Four of Swords

The tips of all four equally strong swords are centered in the middle of the open rose blossom. Worries have been mastered. The clarity of the Ace of Swords has been regained; blue shines through once more. Yellow-green, the color of spiritual creativity, once again dominates the picture. In this atmosphere, the rose of knowledge may unfold and bloom. The qualities of happiness and expansion are inherent in Jupiter. What appeared to be futile now has the necessary for a happy and profitable solution. However, there is also a warning here: truce does not mean peace.
Five of Swords

The five swords are arranged to from a pentagram, the tip of which is pointing downwards. Equilibrium is lost. The pentagram stands on its head and is framed by drops of blood - old wounds are opened and bleeding. The swords are bent or damaged. The hilt of each sword indicates a different aspect. The fish represents the ancient past; the slumbering serpent indicates that renewal is not occurring; the crown pointing downwards symbolize lost awareness; the ram's horns indicate that new impulses are lacking and that nothing can be set in motion; the shell expresses the need for self-protection. It is fear of losing control, of experiencing how everything slips from your grasp.
Six of Swords

The ability of Mercury to analyse adds clarity to future perspectives. These are not only clearly seen but may also be communicated in an understandable manner. Even the most divergent of ideas and opinions meet here at a central point. This makes a new comprehensive view of things possible, allowing the rose of knowledge to blossom. Changes that have become necessary should be communicated in such a way that they can be heard, understood, and accepted by all those involved.
Seven of Swords

The great sword of clarity is being sabotaged and damaged by six small swords. It thus loses its striking power and authority. The small swords, each bearing the symbol of a different planet, are the pessimistic thoughts that stand in the way of success. The conscious and subconscious mind (sun and moon at the two ends of the central sword) have switched positions. The gloomy expectations of the subconscious obscure clear insight. Vague anxiety controls the individual even through, in reality, everything will turn out for the best. Reality is wearing a different face, and it will soon be possible to laugh at your own doubts.
Eight of Swords

Two central, powerful swords are crossed by six bent sabres. We are confronted with the choice between two apparently comparable possibilities. Not even analytical reflection helps us make a decision. Time and time again, doubt and fear of mistakes destroy inner clarity. The endurance necessary to clear up the muddled situation, is also lacking. As much as we twist and turn, there seems to be no satisfying solution to the problem. The more desperately we try to unravel the twisted ball of string, the tighter the knots become.
Nine of Swords

As a rule, the cruelty card signifies cruelty toward oneself. It illustrates the tendency to sue a great deal of effort (Mars) for putting oneself down. The negative reproaches which came from parents or teachers recur with al their original impact in the form of self-accusations. This may often happen in possible of internal conflict with two events or two people (Gemini). The individual does not dare to make a clear decision and then punishes himself for his own indecisiveness. In rare cases, this card also may refer to the physical or psychological cruelty of a heartless individual, a fanatic or a vindictive tryant.
Ten of Swords

This tenth sword carries the symbols of the sun and the heart. This card illustrates the destructive energy of continuously negative, pessimistic thinking. It is a picture of insanity, the confused insurrection of soulless mechanisms. Even the final remnants of joy (sun) and love in relation to oneself and life (heart) are in danger of falling prey to negativity. This negativity shatters the forces of the soul seeking harmony and balance.
11 Swords
Prince of Swords

The prerequisite for inspired thought processes is unlimited freedom; creative thought accepts no boundaries. That is why the Prince raises his sword high to server the ties with the three figures pulling the chariot. These three represents restrictive ideas or emotions, or even confining relationships that could hinder the movement of the chariot. The crystal in the chariot has the shape of a double pyramid and shows the crystallizing of perception. The time is right to lend form and shape to new ideas.
12 Swords
Princess of Swords

When spiritual revival takes hold of the earth, it destroys the alters of irrational thought. Eddying clouds will soon become calm, settled, clearing the air. This can be transferred to the inner processes that take place within us. Each change, each inner conflict whips up clouds filled with emotion and feeling. However, the Princess of Swords does not allow such feelings to obscure the clarity of her perception! She knows how to use her sword with which she separates herself from moods and disturbing thoughts. The Princess of Swords represents an extremely rebellious person who is not afraid of established conventions and holy precepts. Her rebellion is subservient to clarity, openness and truth.
13 Swords
Knight of Swords

He knows what he wants to achieve and will not stop until he has reached his goal. His considerable power of concentration is comparable to that of a racing car diver; thoughts and ideas fly to him with the speed of lightning. He commands a flexible power of reasoning and can use this in attaining his goals (gold-green armour). The four propellers symbolize the direction of four winds and refer to the fact that intellectual power is not limited by space and time. His determination is directly linked to an ability to feel things profoundly.
14 Swords
Queen of Swords

With the sword of keen insight, the recognition enters the mind that masks worn are not only as a type of protection and disguise in and of themselves, but that they also serve as a separation from oneself and others. The vigorous destruction of old masks represents a liberation which leads to Queen of Swords out of the darkened clouds into clarity and space. The crystals behind her head, symbols of increasing clarity, bear the head of a child. This shows how, behind the cast of masks, naturalness and childlike innocence are set free - indicating true inner wisdom.
1 Wands
Ace of Wands

This card signifies the power of free flowing dynamic energy, liberated from restrictions and fears. The bolts of lightning that go in all directions represent the explosive force of this flame. The impact of the bursting energy shakes up and destroys all seemingly secure limitations that we tend to cling to. This break opens up a new door to our true creative potential. Once obstacles have been eliminated, the renewal of all areas of life can begin.
Two of Wands

The planet Mars, bearer of dynamic action, finds itself in its own sign, Aries, the pioneer, who is always turning towards new ways and procedures. The increasing energy finds new direction. The wand are shown as two crossed daggers (Vajra), the Tibetan symbol for thunderbolts. The end of each bears a mask with a horse's head, symbol for temperament and the power to assert. The points of the arrows are adorned with snakes, demonstrating the renewal that goes hand in hand with destruction. Here is where renaissance takes place. Acceptance of opposites makes solutions possible, altering and expanding our perspectives.
Three of Wands

Personal energy is perceived and accepted and not submissively handed over to others. Despite external dynamic forces, the centre remains untouched an clear. The return to inner peace is a protection against the burden of unnecessary problems and gives rise to a new self-confidence. One's personal knowledge is strong enough to repel bouts of anxious doubt. An introspective scrutiny of analytical intellect has no change against the sense of being filled with clear vitality and life energy (the color orange).
Four of Wands

The circle closes. Contradictions meet and join in the centre. However, the old must be completed before the new can begin. The conflict of contradiction must be solved so that all essential goals can be brought closer together. Tension in relationships may become profitable for all parties involved where the partner's differences are recognized and respected. This enables the giving of mutual support in achieving what both are looking for.
Five of Wands

The phoenix heads turn away as if they wish to avoid each other. The card is general description of a state in which the creative energy and power of Leo are blocked (Saturn). The free-flowing energy has been greatly hemmed in a constricted. This pent-up energy is uselessly seeking an opportunity for expression. Life becomes a burden. The little wings underneath are still trying to lift the heavy lead wand.
Six of Wands

When we have searched long enough (Five of Wands), when we have taken all the necessary effort, the break-through comes suddenly and we are unexpectedly victorious. An exalted feeling of strength overcomes us leading to victory on all levels. The Six of Wands of energy are harmoniously arranged and complement each other in their effect. The lotus blossom (love), the phoenix heads (rebirth, renewal), and the winged balls with the snakes (creative energy, new creation, the eye of Horus) are united and provide each other with mutual strength. The flames are burning again.
Seven of Wands

The battle is carried out strategically. The violet background is the color of warrior who strikes without hesitation and is only satisfied with a clear victory. The "Seven of Wands" represents an intensification of the two precious cards (5,6). Valour, which is depicted here as a character trait, has its origins in your own experiences in life. It shows the ability to learn from the past. This increases the willingness to take risks in a state of full awareness. Compromises are out of the question.
Eight of Wands

The obstacle can be transformed by stating one's own standpoint unequivocally and directly. Misunderstandings produce clarity. You have found your own centre ground and stand up for your position emphatically and openly (red, dynamic arrows coming from the middle). What seemed an insurmountable problem has faded insignificantly into the background. Overcoming initial hesitation and being willing to identify disturbing matters liberate you from inhibiting influences.
Nine of Wands

Slumbering forces awake and are waiting at attention. Recognition and admission of hitherto untapped potential set free energy that is seen as new and extraordinary. It is a strength that stems from the inside (moon on the eight wands in the background) and strongly banishes the darkness of ignorance. When unconsciousness wanes,. We are then confronted with various areas which we had managed to keep out of sight. Not having to confront them may evoke fear - the fear of having to relive unresolved situations, the pain of feeling hidden wounds all over again. Fear as well of one's own still decreasing strength which touches all areas of life.
Ten of Wands

Sagittarius's willingness to communicate is curbed by Saturn, whose rigidness evokes anxiety. Anxiety with respect to one's own strength, vitality. And life force arise out of fear of rejection, disapproval, and punishment. If these vital energies are suppressed, however, they are transformed into fury, anger, and violence. Should this aggression not be outwardly ventilated, it then turns inward and finds expression in self-accusations, depression, even illness. This card calls on you to recognize and put an end to the repression of vita impulses. This is a step forward taking responsibility for yourself, towards freeing you from unjustified moral limits.
11 wands
Prince of Wands

The Prince is sitting with his arms spread wide on his fiery chariot which is moving forward at considerable speed. A few areas in the background still show the darkness which he now leaves behind. The overall veering of the person driving the chariot expresses certitude, openness, and freedom. He is naked, which means that he has no need to hide or to protect himself. The Prince personifies the mastery of intuitive creativity (the color green in the flames). All senses are engaged for this purpose and turned to his advantage. By relying on his intuition, his original solutions and ideas are surprising. Nothing can harness or restrain his creative effusions. The blazing fire in the chariot keeps him moving. Due to his devotion to love (lotus blossom in his heart) her surpasses himself.
12 Wands
Princess of Wands

Fear has been overcome! The Princess of Wands, naked, open and unprotected, has conquered the Tiger of Fear (see "The Fool"). Her scepter bears the symbol of the sun. the feathers on her head signify enhanced perception and freedom, won by overcoming fear. She dances her powerfully ecstatic dance in a great surging flame. Next to her on the alter decorated with ram's heads, burns the fire spring the new beginning, to whose services the Princess has devoted herself.
13 wands
Knight of Wands

The "Knight of Wands" personifies the mastery of growth and inner development. He has assumed the task of elimination and obstacles which hinder his own growth. Just as retiles shed their skin from time to time because it has got too tight for them, it is now possible to leave behind old and confining ways and to risk a mighty leap forward.
14 wands
Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a mistress of self-knowledge. She has looked deeply into herself. This has transformed her very being. However, the knowledge of her previous condition fills her with compassion towards the still unredeemed being,. To help the latter, she willingly chooses to have red brown hair and retains the lion in the state of a leopard, whose black spots allude to the darkness of the past. Her eyes are closed in quiet ecstasy.